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My partner now is a registered buyer and uses only the Ghana Goverment Administration.


Nuzzo Group Shipping Procedures
In order to process the shipping of samples or regular shipments. We require the following information.
Please email or Fax a fully completed FCO with complete information about the Product, Quantity, Quality, Purity and Amount. The FCO must contain all your Company information, business address,  phone and fax numbers. We will do a strict due dilligence on every moner/seller to insure they are USA Compliant. If we accept the offer we will send you a letter of acceptance and request your banking coordinates to make payment to you.
We will then put together a Purchase Order stating all the terms in conditions. Once the purchase order is signed you will have a maximum of 8 days to ship the product. To insure safety we require all shipments to be made directly to the refinery.
As you know we use the largest most reliable LBMA Refinery in the USA. In order to guarantee arrival of your shipment, We ask that you consider using a good reliable exporter. Please insure all shipments for their total value.
Please check our web page titled New Seller Procedures. The Nuzzo Group is well known for its safety, reliability and integrity. We are very transparent and have been doing business with Suntrust bank since 1979. We are very easy to check out. Please note, only serious sellers contact us. To those who may attempt fraud, you are wasting your time.  Wishing all of you the best of success.

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