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Requirements for all New Sellers: We will first check the seller out to make sure he complies with USA Partiot ACT.In order to determine that a new seller can perform, both my lender and refinery require a small trial shipment of 1 to 25 kilos of an Au sample, direct to our LBMA or Non LBMA refinery or to the Airport This is not an option it is a requirement. The trial shipment is important for many reasons. It really starts our relationship and builds the trust between us. It will also help determine if your product requires any special processing or contains any contaminants. Once the trial is completed you can ship any amount we agree to. All shipments are sent direct to the refinery and not to The Nuzzo Group.
 We are prefinanced at all refineries for any amount of gold.  We do not use letters of credit, bank guarantees or require the seller to post a performance bond. They are abused and out-dated financial instruments. We have been banking with Suntrust since 1979 - 39 years.  They will provide you with an excellent banking reference.
Our refinery account is with LMBA refinery and Non LBMA Refineries. They have put The Nuzzo Group through a criminal, financial and personal background check. I can assure you we are not going to risk losing our 39 year banking relationship with Suntrust, or our LBMA and Non LBMA refinery accounts or go to jail over a few kilos of gold.
We will  sometimes reimburse the seller for expenses depending upon the price of product. We will never advance any funds under any conditions. This is prohibited by our bank and our refinery as they do not want to be associated with any scams. We conduct all business in LMBA and Non LBMA Refinerys, which provides 100% security for the seller and the buyer. All payments are made only after final assay in the USA. The process we use is scam proof. If you agree with these terms, we will continue, if not, thank you for considering our company.

The Nuzzo Group is a very transparent and a highly reputable company.   No seller has ever lost a cent. We welcome your investigation and we want to do business.  If it’s real gold, everyone always gets paid.   I look forward to hearing from you.  We are looking forward to getting started.

Lets make doing business a pleasure. Please don’t ask us to fly to you to see your gold. If I were to get on a plane every time someone sent me a offer over the Internet I would live on a plane.  We get some 150 offers every month. Lets me try to make this transaction as easy as possible.  I am a real buyer.  What a real buyer is supposed to have is money, yes money to buy your gold.
My bank, Suntrust Bank, will also verify that we have had our bank account with them for over 35 years.  More importantly they will provide you with an excellent banking reference.
In addition, we only use the best most reliable refineries. To get an LBMA refinery account, one must be in good standing.  There are only three LBMA refineries in the USA. We have to go through a financial, criminal and personal back- ground investigation. We have to be financially sound and pay every cent due to a seller. The Nuzzo Group is also a registered  USA Corporation.  If you have access to the Internet and you can check us out in five minutes. We are known worldwide.
The only way we know the gold is genuine is when it is assayed and refined at the refinery. There is no advantage for either party to travel for a trial shipment. We are pre financed at the refinery. The seller has to prove by shipping product direct to refinery or the Port that they have real gold. The gold will be safely handled assayed refined and you will be paid. Please keep in mind no business transacts until these procedures occur. The Nuzzo Group is known worldwide for its reliability. We are the real deal so when you are ready to do business, please let us know

Mining Equipment

In order for Miners to improve production. We have the capability to supply mining equipment.
We have special partnerships we can form. Please contact us for additional
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